We were at Crew Connect, Manila 2017

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Crew Connect conference is a Global event for the crewing industry. Our team at 3 Cube was elated to be a part of CrewConnect Global 2017 held in Manila, Philippines, from 6th-8th November. Many of the industry leaders spoke about changing trends, crew retention, crew training and other aspects of crewing, our Director emphasized on Maritime Health - Continued Duty of Care and accentuated on our product ‘Healthy Ship’.

The conference was attended by various accomplished personalities and service providers to the shipping industry. A few components of the conference included leveraging a company’s human resources, digital disruption, digital future, shipping leadership, planning for sustainable and future growth, crew supply and safety training and behaviours while at sea.

Our Psychiatrist, Dr. Prasad Shetty spoke on the importance of the mental well-being of the seafarer onboard and offshore and also pointed out alarming statistics in the same area. Mr. Ravjyot Singh Khuman reiterated on the role of digitalisation in healthcare management, positive impact of crew care and the efficiency it could bring to crew planning. Food for thought for everyone present was, ‘At what point does the health of the crew become critical in crew planning and how efficient are the systems today?’

Director's Cut
“The conference was a great platform to showcase and learn of the various efforts in all spheres of the Maritime Industry. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with several stalwarts of the industry and received great reception and feedback to our proposed services of Healthy Ship, which delivers advanced crew care through our continued duty of care.”

Chairman’s Cut
“It was a very enterprising experience for 3 Cube to be a part of CrewConnect 2017. Speaking about the opportunities in the area of seafarers’ health and highlighting the need for doing much more towards it, helped us convey our motto ‘Bridging the Healthcare Gap’ to the industry.”

What we Do?

Our eco-system integrates all efforts involved in the health of the seafarers, providing continuum of personalised care onboard and informed assistance in the Golden Hour. Core to our technology is the ability to consolidate, improve the integrity, analyse, organise and present health information to facilitate Enhanced Crew Care and delivering Healthy Ship.

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A unified effort to make Maritime health care more Proactive. A 24x7 Medical support manned by qualified doctors, Psychiatric First Aid, Health Tracking, Electronic Health Records, Sick Bay Management, Medical Chest Supplies and Certification – these help deliver cost efficiencies and Healthy Ships.

Our Ecosystem

Medical Support

The Need

Seafarers are considered to be a fit population who undergo routine medical screenings. On the other hand, they are a part of an alarming global health statistic of people affected by or carrying chronic conditions . The silver lining is that most chronic conditions can be prevented and/or managed with a committed and continued approach to health care.

The Technology

At the centre of our efforts lies the ability of our technology to advance the quality of care by expanding access and optimising health costs. Our robust systems along with data driven analytics bring a proactive approach to health care. This enables all stakeholders to execute their roles in the system more effectively and efficiently.

Some FAQ

The first hour after a traumatic injury, when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful.

Our efforts to enable good health, safety and well-being of the seafarers at all times. 3 Cube’s prime focus is to implement personalised health care, a personal, predictive, preventive and participatory approach to medicine. 

Better information leads to better care. Our care begins long before a medical event. The care for the seafarer begins at the pre-employment stage. We start capturing the data right from the source. From the Maritime doctors to the various stakeholders involved in various stages in the Continued Duty of Care.

The concept of personalized health care promises to enhance delivery of care, increase the quality of clinical practice and targeted care pathways. It will also serve to lower overall healthcare costs through early-detection, prevention, accurate risk assessments and efficiencies in care delivery.

3 Cube’s continued duty of care works within the framework of Maritime Health care by integrating and collaborating efforts of all stakeholders. This leads to cost efficiencies and does not become a financial burden to the organisation.