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Let's Talk: Seafarers Health

Round Table On Our 360 Approach To Seafarers Mental Health.

19th July 2019

Let's Talk 2.0

This Round Table will discuss a 360° approach to mental health services for the seafarer. Seafaring has been recognized as a high-risk occupation that places its employees in one of the most physically, cognitively and emotionally demanding environments: the sea.
Awareness initiatives, regular monitoring and focused interventions for mental health issues are all indispensable parts of this mental health movement.

Let's Talk 1.0

The 1st round table of the series was held in Mumbai on 6th July 2018, at MCA Club – BKC, Bandra, Mumbai. The subject for the event was “Mental Health”. The round table was attended by representatives from Shipping and Ship Management Companies, members of the Maritime Union, DG approved Maritime Doctors and a team of subject specialists from Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics. Some of the key concerns of mental health of seafarers were discussed. Mental illness among seafarers has been a growing concern and may be associated with other physical health conditions, i.e., chronic illnesses, cardio-vascular disease, migraine headaches, back problems and even grave eventualities such as suicide. Research by maritime organisations indicate that seafarers are more likely to experience mental health problems than their counterparts ashore. Yet, because of the social stigma attached to it coupled with the lack of readily available specialized care, seafarers who experience mental health issues fail to report or seek help. In view of the fact that approximately 1.5 million men and women work at sea in the merchant marine, challenges and issues faced by this growing community need to be addressed. This first round table examined perceptions on Mental Health and worked towards raising awareness and destigmatizing the subject with a marine perspective.


The shipping industry requires such informative sessions. We have taken metal health for granted now it's the time to take it to the next level.
Capt. Ericson Lobo
Director MSI Shipping Services India Private Limited
Acceptance in the society is the only absolute cure for mental illness which can be achieved only by spreading awareness through sessions involving industry spearheads.
Mr. Wilson Mascarenhas
HOD-FPD, Marlow Naviagation
Mental health is a part of the overall well-being. Awareness and acceptance is the only way to address the issue. What is important is to identify the concerns, accept the impact environmental factors have on us and take pro-active measures to deal with them.
Dr. Prasad Shetty
Director, MPC
Lack of adequate information about mental illness is major concern for the society. Screening for psychological and emotional problems cand be of a great help to identify and treat the people which will improve their quality of life as well as increase their productivity.
Dr. Chinmay Kulkarni
Mental health of seafarers has become a major concern in the industry. 3Cube and MPC have come together to enhance the awareness and provide care for the seafarers' mental health through screening, diagnosis and treatment.
Capt. Khuman
Advisor, 3Cube
Psychiatrist at MPC have over 20 yeas of experience each and offer a range of medical specialities that deals in diagnosis, study, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses.
Capt. Bharatan
Advisor 3Cube
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