Introduction Let's Talk

Let’s Talk Maritime Health is an initiative by 3 Cube and CIRM SERVIZI to bring about a collaborative and integrated approach to Crew Care.

The series aims to bring together various stakeholders involved in the health of the crew onto a common platform. The holistic approach will involve bringing in subject experts to widen our understanding of critical crew health issues and discuss on steps that can bring about positive changes.

The success of Let’s Talk Series will lie in deep interactions and discussions that will take place during the sessions with the objective of enhancing the standard of quality care available to seafarers. We look forward to your valuable participation to make this initiative a success.

1st Round Table Mental Health

The first round table of the series is to be held in Mumbai on 6th July 2018, at MCA Club - BKC, Bandra, Mumbai. The subject for the event is “Mental Health”.

Mental illness among seafarers is of growing concern and may be associated with other physical health conditions, i.e., chronic illnesses, cardio vascular disease, migraine headaches, back problems and even grave eventualities such as suicide.

Research by maritime organisations indicate that seafarers are more likely to experience mental health problems than their counterparts ashore. Yet, because of the social stigma attached to it coupled with the lack of readily available specialized care, seafarers who experience mental health issues fail to report or seek help. In view of the fact that approximately 1.5 million men and women work at sea in the merchant marine, challenges and issues faced by this growing community need to be addressed.

Presentations from academics and interactions with industry experts will look into and examine our perceptions on Mental Health, raise awareness and work towards destigmatizing the subject with a marine perspective. Upon closure informal interactions will continue over Wine and Cheese.

Upcoming Events

Mental Health

MCA Club,
BKC, Bandra, Mumbai
6th July 2018
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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