The Duty of Care 365 interface collaborates the efforts of all involved in the health of a seafarer. Effectively using technology to Simplify, Automate and Organize all the healthcare activities that will advance the quality of care.


The ability to expand access, improve the integrity, organize and present the health information such that the seafarer becomes proactive about his/her health and others in the ecosystem further contribute towards delivering Superior Crew Care.


AI based Smart systems and Medical devices guide and make easier the process of managing the Medical Logs, Medical Events, Sickbay Inventory and remote Medical Assistance. Supported by a dedicated Medical team 24×7.


The Continued Duty of Care circuit is completed by our Medical team which is actively analyzing and proactively working on the data from fitness reports, medical events, medicine consumption and medical requests from the vessel.



Seafaring is a high-risk occupation, facing some unique challenges that could impact the individual’s mental well-being. There are pertinent limitations to the immediate access to professional assistance while onboard. This makes it essential for seafarers to be prepared to recognise and respond to scenarios and situations that may arise onboard that affect themselves or a co-worker.
The dedicated Mental Health First Aid Training for seafarers focuses on building awareness about signs and symptoms of mental health issues commonly reported onboard and providing training of appropriate responses that are relevant.
The training would help the individual to differentiate and respond to crisis and non-crisis situations. Seafarers would also be trained on how to seek professional assistance and the importance of effective communication at these times.


It is our endeavour to enhance the standards of Health and Wellness among our seafarers.
The objective of this initiative is to build an environment of Proactive Health at an individual level through an integrated and efficient healthcare ecosystem.
There are several factors such as long hours of work, disturbed circadian rhythms, constrained workspace, social isolation, limited control over work environment that affect the psychological well-being. In addition, lack of exercise, hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to health concerns onboard. Majority of illnesses onboard can be addressed through focused approaches of awareness, training and effective screening. This would lead to a healthy ship and potentially bring down both illness related claims and their associated cost.


Mental health issues are as “real” as any physical ailment. Just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses also can be screened for and assessed.
This includes effective mental health assessment of the seafarer based on a clinical screening. The report indicates psychiatric clinical syndromes as well as personality patterns of the individual.
The screening includes a one-to-one interaction with a specialist which can be done in person or remotely under monitored supervision.


Due to the limited understanding and access to focused care onboard, mental health issues are often left unattended or ignored. This could have serious consequences on the individual’s ability to cope with the issue, leading to lapses in work performance causing safety concerns to the Ship, Crew and the Individual. Our battery of surveys help gauge the mental health of the seafarers and the environment onboard.
Our Mental Health Specialists provide focused support to address the issues onboard, Repatriation, Hospitalization and Treatment.

Seafarer Health Passport

One of the first steps towards achieving seafarer’s health onboard and ashore is by making him a stakeholder in his/ her own health. To achieve this, we have developed the Seafarer Health Passport.
A secured and easily accessible platform collates the seafarer’s medical records and other medical events. The Health passport has added features which allow the seafarer to track his/her own health by recording basic vitals and health habits and access to personalized awareness.
Data suggests that tracking one’s health the subconscious mind makes healthier decisions and drives one to continually improve one’s overall health and wellness.


The Clinic Lab Information Platform (CLIP) is a dedicated application for Pre-Employment Medical Centres and Doctors that brings in greater Clinical efficacy, Shared Knowledge leading to Care Transformation.
Doctors who have been authorized by the company can easily manage the appointments, capture all the medical information required as per the defined Medical profile by the company, generate the reports and digitally sync it with the company.


Through the interface, the company is able to get a complete view of their Crew Health data and analytics. They can standardize their reporting formats across doctors.
This simple, automated and organized platform makes it easier to manage all Crew health related processes and provides health analytics.
Greater efficiency is achieved by the accelerated capture and transfer of information leading to reduction of the administrative activities such as printing, scanning and uploading.

Sickbay Management onboard

A well-equipped Medical Chest is essential to ensure effective treatment. Understanding and managing the Sickbay is equally important. Sickbay Management system, Electronic compliance checks and E-Certification from certified Pharmacist who can also assist on queries or concerns about the medicines onboard as part of our Duty of Care.
This also provides the Tele-Medical assistance doctor visibility of the medicines onboard so that he/she can prescribe and explain to the Master more effectively.

Timely Access In The Golden Hour

Having the right information and timely access to it, is crucial for providing Tele-Medical assistance. Knowledge of any pre-existing conditions or suppressed history can be important in avoiding or dealing with emergencies. Qualified team of healthcare professionals, bring in their collective knowledge and expertise for quicker diagnosis. With our advanced services we are able to provide more informed and qualified support to the seafarer.


The smart system based on Artificial Intelligence architecture guides the captain to make a detailed medical request. It also provides immediate steps to be taken to attend to the medical event. This is crucial in times of emergencies.
This smart system equips the Captain/2nd Officer to provide effective and accurate medical request. In addition, the Tele-Medical Kit is wireless and transmits the data directly onto the smart system for easier and faster capture of information.

Keeping Data Safe

It is important to secure private information and protect it as well. Compliance with standards and going beyond these rules is common protocol for us.
At 3Cube, Data security, Protection, Consent and Confidentiality are the fundamental pillars of our systems.

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