Let's Talk 2.0, July 19th 2019

The Round table addressed The Rise of Mental Health Issues in the Maritime Industry.One of takeaways of the discussions was the consensus and acceptance that Mental health Issues are “real” as any physical ailment.
The Round Table was attended by seafarers, representatives from the shipping industry, members of the Maritime Union, DG approved Maritime Doctors.
The 3Cube team presented the 360 degree approach the Seafarers’ Mental Health and threw light on the social challenges and how we can together combat this.
3 Cube also introduced the Mental Health First Aid training which focuses on how to respond to mental issues onboard.
Attendees emphasized that Our Duty of Care is a comprehensive approach and is THE NEED OF THE HOUR.


28% of the respondents representing the Maritime Industry reported that we are still in Denial about mental health issues. This was followed by 24% who believed we are Bargaining on the subject. 


Nearly two-thirds of people affected with mental illnesses do not seek treatment due to fear and stigma around it that leads to labeling them as dangerous or incompetent.

98% Success in screenings

In clinical screening of over 1000 candidates across ranks showed that 98% of candidates successfully completed the screening.

41% Anxious!

The Clinical screening statistics indicate that close to 41% seafarers have a presence of Anxious syndrome. However only 6.8% had scores indicating persistance of the syndrome.

Narcissist, Compulsive and Dependent

Leading personality traits obsereved among seafarers were Narcissit (35%), Compulsive (7.3%) and Dependent (5%). 

Understanding these and being able to manage them are essential moving forward.

We Keep It Simple

Mental health is no Pandora’s box, but a science. Hence with a comitted and collaborative approach by all stakeholders the concerns can be addressed. Our approach focuses on Preventive Screening, Psychological state tracking, Mental Health Training, Awareness and Focused Intervention.


Let’s Talk 2.0 introduced an innovative approach to creating awarenes and training of Mental Health focused to the Maritime Industry.


Let's Address The Minds @ Sea Together.

“We all who are a part of the industry have a role to play to ensure the safety of our seafarers. India is one of the leading hubs of seafarers and it is our Duty of Care and responsibility to ensure the globe industry views us as leaders in the area of providing the best. An important component to skill is the health and ability of the individual and thus we come together and discuss the challenges of the various stakeholders and potential solutions. Mental illness is realm the problems are real, and we are here to devise solutions after discussing the problem.”

– Ravjyot Singh Khuman

Capt. Khuman

Seafaring is a high-risk occupation, which places its employees in one of the most physically, and cognitively demanding environments.The job requires one to be able to be mentally strong and aware. To address the concerns we must first accept and discuss the topic.

Dr. Shetty

Mental illnesses are medical conditions that have nothing to with a persons character, intelligence or willpower. It’s a condition related to the brain’s biology and can be treated with a combination of medication and social support. 

Dr. Save

Seafarers go through a lot of stress, which may lead to depression and when unnoticed may lead to serious consequences. Feeling worthless, hopeless and helpless are some of the warning signs of being depressed, here, focused intervention is required. You need to know when to seek help.

Tanvi Ravi

Mental health involves psychological and social well-being. It impacts an individual’s ability to think, feel and act. It also influences the abilities of decision making, stress management and social interaction.

Dr. Kulkarni

There is big difference between Personality and Clinical syndromes. To address mental health we must first understand the various aspects starting with the clinical and non-clinical one.

Dr. Ravani

The Mental Health First Aid Training Programme will provide a relevant and effective training that would focus on bridging the gap between general information available on mental health and specific scenarios experienced in the seafarering industry.


Lets Talk 1.0

Mental illness among seafarers has been a growing concern and may be associated with other physical health conditions, i.e., chronic illnesses, cardio-vascular disease, migraine headaches, back problems and even grave eventualities such as suicide. Research by maritime organisations indicate that seafarers are more likely to experience mental health problems than their counterparts ashore.


The International Symposium of Maritime Health – 15, was held in Hamburg from 12th – 15th June 2019. 3 Cube presented a paper on the “Insights Into Mental Health Of Seafarers” which discussed the challenges, limitations and trends observed during the clinical screening of candidates. We also presented on our other innovations such as Health Passport and TelepharmaSea.
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